About Us

The KCL Diplomacy Society is a newly established student activity group, part of the KCLSU (King's College London Students' Union).

Located in the very heart of one of the world’s foremost diplomatic capitals, DiploSoc introduces and connects its members to the fascinating field of diplomacy and foreign policy.

So come join us to…

DISCOVER more about the types, functions and practice of    diplomacy, and about the global diplomatic system’s dynamics
ENGAGE with intriguing topics at our academic events on    current international affairs and diplomatic history
KEEP UP TO DATE with the latest diplomatic developments around the world, through our online Diplomacy Monitor
COMMENT and debate on foreign policy issues, either at our dedicated events or online, and, later write for our future     Diplomacy Society Review
ENJOY the company of others with similar interests and have  a good time at our social events and cultural evenings
PLAY the “Diplomacy” board game, a captivating strategy  game involving a lot of negotiation - and fun!
START your path to a diplomatic career with our DiploGateway: Intl.DiploJobs updates and career/skills-related events & info
CONNECT with professionals, academics and other people and organizations in the field, part of DiploSoc’s growing network
...and, of course, HELP us run the Diplomacy Society and gain an attractive highlight on your CV!

Diplomacy is hugely diverse because today everything is global and in every domain there are issues and policies that need to be negotiated at international level. So you’ve got nuclear issues, environmental issues, human rights issues, trade issues and so on. It’s also diverse because there are many actors involved in all this: from states to international NGOs to advocacy groups to corporations. Diplomacy and negotiation is what holds everything together. And that’s even before getting into proper national foreign policy! Diplomacy is very interesting and relevant to you whatever you’re studying at the moment.

WHAT DO WE DO? DiploSoc focuses on 3 major things:
1.     1)  Helping you understand and discover more about diplomacy—how it works, what it does. Also, we’ll be looking a lot at diplomatic history: what happened at the Congress of Vienna in 1815, or at Versailles in 1919 and so on.
§  By developing a Resource Page on our website, with many links and articles on all things diplomatic. Sort of a Wikipedia.
§  By monitoring and reviewing as much as possible of the major publications (journals, magazines) on foreign policy and international relations.
§  By organizing lectures on these topics, held by academics and experts.
2.     2)  Keeping an eye on what’s going on in International Affairs, and encouraging debates on this.
§  Through a Service we call “Global Diplo Monitor”, where we track and post the latest headlines and developments related to International Affairs around the world. This will be based on the website.
§  We’ll also offer space for comment on these issues, both online and through events/meetings dedicated to debates.
§  In the future, we’d like to develop our own Diplomacy Society Review, an in-house publication.
§  And of course lectures on specific current affairs subjects. For example, we’ll want to look at Middle Eastern Diplomacy, BRIC diplomacy, the connection between intelligence and diplomacy and so on.
3.     3)  Helping you towards a career in diplomacy and international organizations.
§  By indexing A LOT of relevant links to international organizations and also COMPANIES where you might want to work
§  By posting regular updates on internship opportunities in this field
§  By developing DiploSoc’s own network of contacts to be better able to help you directly, and to be able to organize our own career events
§   By posting regular updates on relevant external events in London.
WHAT ELSE DO WE DO? We also want to bring quality social events to our members. But also fun: we’ll be organizing sessions for playing the Diplomacy board game, one of the oldest. It’s a strategy game where you control an European pre-WWI country and have to negotiate alliances with some of your neighbours to defeat the other neighbours :)
                But one of our more ambitious projects is to organize a University of London Student Forum on Diplomacy, in partnership with societies from other London universities. We will debate foreign policy ideas and perspectives and issue a common statement at the end.

WHAT MAKES US SPECIAL? We’re drawing on the strong links & contacts of the War Studies Department. And we’re the only diplomacy society located basically on the doorstep of London's policymaking epicentre, in an international diplomatic hub. 
Best of all, this year we’re not charging membership fees, and you get to enjoy a lot of stuff for free.

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