Saturday, 20 October 2012

DiploSoc Event: Lobbying in Brussels

MONDAY, 22 October, Strand, Room S-1.04, Raked Lecture Theatre

Radu Magdin, CEO of SmartLink Communications and former European Policy Manager for Google in Brussels (read: head lobbyist) will give Diplomacy Society members an insider's view on how lobbying in Brussels REALLY works, with focus on how influence is gained over government officials, legislators and regulatory agencies.

Come along to the KCL Diplomacy Society’s opening event to hear expert comments on lobby techniques and tactics, the differences between the political and techn
ical lobby, and also PRACTICAL tips and anecdotes, from one of the best operators in the business.

This will be an interesting event for both people wanting to break into the public affairs world and those wanting to understand Brussels better.

See you on Monday!

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