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The KCL DiploSoc is dedicated to an integrated exploration of the diplomacy field in all its dimensions (historical, theoretical, practical, as a career) and forms (from environmental and public to cultural and nuclear diplomacy), placing a particular emphasis on contemporary foreign policy developments.

Given the wide variety of global issues approached by 21st century diplomacy, students from all areas (be it medicine, science, law or the humanities) can have a great future in this prestigious field. Discover more about it with the Diplomacy Society!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

DiploSoc Committee 2012-13

DiploSoc is glad to announce the new Committee for 2012-13, elected in March:

President: Rebecca Love
Vice-President: Karan Katoch
Social Secretary: Alexandra Whitton
Treasurer: Tim Higgins
Officer at Large: Gabriel Elefteriu

Many thanks to the 2011-2012 Committee, who saw the Society through its first (and quite successful) year of existence. Thou shalt not be forgotten! :)

We do apologise for the late update to this website. It was due to handover issues from the previous team. These have now been resolved and now-on the website will be updated regularly--so, stay tuned!
The new committee is working hard over the summer to overhaul the way the Society is being run and to prepare new and exciting projects for next year. Remember--any questions, contact@kingsdiplomacy.org

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