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The KCL DiploSoc is dedicated to an integrated exploration of the diplomacy field in all its dimensions (historical, theoretical, practical, as a career) and forms (from environmental and public to cultural and nuclear diplomacy), placing a particular emphasis on contemporary foreign policy developments.

Given the wide variety of global issues approached by 21st century diplomacy, students from all areas (be it medicine, science, law or the humanities) can have a great future in this prestigious field. Discover more about it with the Diplomacy Society!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

DiploSoc Event: Lobbying in Brussels

MONDAY, 22 October, Strand, Room S-1.04, Raked Lecture Theatre

Radu Magdin, CEO of SmartLink Communications and former European Policy Manager for Google in Brussels (read: head lobbyist) will give Diplomacy Society members an insider's view on how lobbying in Brussels REALLY works, with focus on how influence is gained over government officials, legislators and regulatory agencies.

Come along to the KCL Diplomacy Society’s opening event to hear expert comments on lobby techniques and tactics, the differences between the political and techn
ical lobby, and also PRACTICAL tips and anecdotes, from one of the best operators in the business.

This will be an interesting event for both people wanting to break into the public affairs world and those wanting to understand Brussels better.

See you on Monday!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

DiploSoc Committee 2012-13

DiploSoc is glad to announce the new Committee for 2012-13, elected in March:

President: Rebecca Love
Vice-President: Karan Katoch
Social Secretary: Alexandra Whitton
Treasurer: Tim Higgins
Officer at Large: Gabriel Elefteriu

Many thanks to the 2011-2012 Committee, who saw the Society through its first (and quite successful) year of existence. Thou shalt not be forgotten! :)

We do apologise for the late update to this website. It was due to handover issues from the previous team. These have now been resolved and now-on the website will be updated regularly--so, stay tuned!
The new committee is working hard over the summer to overhaul the way the Society is being run and to prepare new and exciting projects for next year. Remember--any questions, contact@kingsdiplomacy.org

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

DiploSoc ELECTIONS 2012-2013

Dear all,

If you thought the term would pass without a single DiploSoc event, you were wrong: we've got elections coming :) But just to keep everyone on the edge, we've left it to the very last minute. So please note the date:
Thursday, 29 March
Room K4U.12

Looking back at what DiploSoc has achieved, with your help, since it was founded exactly one year ago, we have reason to be proud and optimistic about the future. The next committee will inherit a society with not only its own website, newsletter & email system, databases and other such resources, but also a range of ideas (some in advanced planning stage, like the Magazine) and contacts for future projects and events.

It is basically a turnkey project based on a solid concept, which has proven its potential by eliciting your very interest and that of other some 550 people (currently on our mailing list).

The vision that was proposed at the start of the year, that of connecting Diplomacy Society to the London diplomatic community, and of taking advantage of our location in the heart of this great city, still stands. We are convinced that a new team with more time than we had will be able to continue from where we left off and make the most of DiploSoc's potential.

In that sense, we encourage those of you with enthusiasm for diplomacy and international affairs, and with enough time (we strongly recommend you'll be in your 2nd year next year, for this job), to stand in the elections.


There are 9 positions available on the Committee:
- President
- Vice President
- Academic Secretary
- (Social) Events Secretary
- Treasurer
- 4 additional Officers at large

  • You must be a registered member of DiploSoc to be eligible to run.
  • Claim a place on the ballot by filling in this form.
  • Write a short manifesto to demonstrate your interest and vision for the Society. You can write it on the form or send it to contact@kingsdiplomacy.org.
  • The manifestos will also be published on our website and on FB
  • On the day, before the vote, you will have a few minutes to present yourself to the rest of the members and make your case
  • Afterwards, we'll go for drinks :)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please direct them to contact@kingsdiplomacy.org.

Thank you very much, and we're looking forward to seeing you next Thursday!

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