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Global Monitor - no. 7, 17 Nov 2011

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Tensions Ahead of David Cameron's Berlin Visit

British Prime Minister David Cameron is visiting Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday in Berlin, but the timing could hardly be worse.

Protesters storm parliament during corruption debate

Dozens of anti-government protesters briefly pushed their way into Kuwait’s parliament Wednesday while opposition lawmakers were debating how to question the country’s prime minister over corruption allegations – a sign of rising political tensions.


New Italy PM pledges tough reform to face emergency

Italy is facing a serious emergency, new Prime Minister Mario Monti said on Thursday, as he promised rigor and fairness in painful reforms to dig the country out of a financial crisis that threatens the entire euro zone.


Occupy Wall Street's Day of Disruption Begins

New York City activists, angry at having been evicted from their encampment, have vowed a "Day of Action" today including a threatened shut-down of the New York Stock Exchange, an "occupation" of 14 subway stations and, for the second time in two months, a re-occupation of the Brooklyn Bridge.


Countering China, Obama asserts US a Pacific power

Signaling a determination to counter a rising China, President Barack Obama vowed Thursday to expand U.S. influence in the Asia-Pacific region and "project power and deter threats to peace" in that part of the world even as he reduces defense spending and winds down two wars.


SNC spokesperson: Syrian opposition not driven by foreign agendas
Syrian National Council spokesperson tells Ahram Online opposition will 'move against the Al-Assad regime' regardless of political transformations in region.

Official: Iran training Gaza terrorists

Palestinian terrorists in Gaza underwent training in Iran and learned how to operate sophisticated anti-tank missiles, an Israeli defense official said.

 Yasser Arman lashes out at UN

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) expressed regret on Wednesday over the United Nations’ reaction to the formation of Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF).


Police arrest suspect in shooting that hit White House

Police arrested a 21-year-old man on Wednesday suspected of shooting at the White House last week, after federal agents found two bullets that had hit the mansion, including one that struck a window.


Bahraini rally slams US duplicity

Bahraini protesters have staged an anti-US rally in the port city of Sitra, condemning US double standards toward the recent popular uprisings in the region.

Former Soviet Scientist Denies Helping Iran's Nuclear Program

If you believe the United Nations' nuclear agency, Vyacheslav Danilenko is a weapons scientist who for six years used his knowledge of explosive detonators to help Iran move closer to its long-held, secret goal of developing a nuclear warhead.


UK says its intelligence thwarted attack on Libyan rebel leadership, Westerners in Benghazi

British intelligence agencies foiled an attack on the leadership of Libya’s National Transitional Council and Western representatives by forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi, Foreign Secretary William Hague said Wednesday.

Foreign Office podcast remembers the historic reburial of Imre Nagy
On 16 June 1989, British Ambassador Greg Dorey was one of 200,000 people present in Heroes Square in Budapest, Hungary, to witness the reburial ceremonies of Imre Nagy and his fellow martyrs

European Commissioners Füle and De Gucht visit Istanbul to strengthen new EU agenda with Turkey
The renewed positive agenda between the European Union and Turkey will be the main focus of the joint visit of European Commissioners

MEPs demand explanations from the worst managers of EU money

Stung by criticism from the European Union's auditors, the European Commission has named the Czech Republic, Italy and Spain as the worst managers of EU money.


Army Times: How the U.S. Hunted al-Qaeda in Africa

Interesting CFR piece by Sean D. Naylor
One night in November 2003, beneath the moon-washed waters off Somalia's northern coast, a small, dark shadow slipped away from the attack submarine Dallas and headed toward the shor

The Lunacy to Lead

Crazy leaders perform better: review of A FIRST-RATE MADNESS: Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness by Nassir Ghaemi.
Leaders who have mental illness or have experienced periods of mental abnormality are often better able to handle crises than their mentally healthy peers.

Burma, Myanmar – Whatever We Call it, it’s Time to Move

Every now and then, the complex tumblers of a slot machine momentarily align, changing things forever. In the long deadlock we call ‘Burma’ (but which the ruling regime and most of the world calls ‘Myanmar’), the tumblers have aligned for the first time in decades.


Democracy and its Characteristics

This is a transcript of a speech delivered by Dr Shirin Ebadi, Human Rights Activist and Nobel Laureate (2003), at Chatham House on 15 November 2011. 


Overblown Fears about China's Rise

A steady stream of publications depicts China as a fierce adversary—if not as an outright enemy.


“Killing Fields” Trial Ready to Go

Pol Pot’s surviving lieutenants are about to get their day in court. But will a much-criticized process be able to bring Cambodians the justice they’re searching for?

China to lend Ethiopia $100m: report

China is set to loan Ethiopia $100 million and donate a fleet of 90 vehicles to help the African state complete its water supply projects, the Xinhua state news agency said.  

World Citizen: Who Will Lead the Arab World?

The order that structured the Arab Middle East for the past several decades is now coming apart, giving way to a new power landscape in the region.

The Man With the Hardest Job in Washington, Cont'd

The hardest job in Washington just got harder. Pakistan's pernicious army leadership seems to be demanding the firing of Husain Haqqani, the Pakistani ambassador to the U.S., for -- well, this gets complicated.

Human Rights – Xenophobia: Germany and Right Wing Terrorism

Continuing in our theme of Human Rights, the ICD Public Discussions are going to discuss the topic of Xenophobia.

The Lord’s Resistance Army: End Game?

The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) remains a deadly threat to civilians in three Central African states.

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