Monday, 26 September 2011

Blogs on International Affairs and Security

A very small selection of quality blogs. The pride of the Department of War Studies, King's College London. A blog about strategy, widely defined—by various faculty and research students from the Department. The Heptagon Post is an online news site, analysing politics, security, economics, life and culture. Based at the Department of War Studies, King's College London! An online portal for analysts in the areas of Geopolitics and Foreign Policy; Middle East Strategy; Energy Security; and Counter-Terrorism. A blog that strives to provide timely analysis on important global issues to an international audience. By a former UN diplomat. A blog on world politics by former diplomats. is for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of our post-9/11 world and a clear sense of how our imperial globe actually works. Gregory Djerejian, an international lawyer and business executive, comments intermittently on global politics, finance & diplomacy. Tom Barnett’s blog – strategic and political analysis. Blog by Robert Dreyfuss on “America's misadventures in foreign policy and defense.” StrategyPage provides quick, easy access to what is going on in military affairs. The American Empire Project’s blog. Zenpundit is a blog dedicated to exploring the intersections of foreign policy, history, military theory, national security,strategic thinking, futurism, cognition and a number of other esoteric pursuits. Discussing the past, present, and future impact of intelligence on national security. On Space and more.  Online Defence and Acquisition Journal Ares - a Defense Technology Blog This blog discusses geopolitics – broadly defined as economics, government, sociology and the military arts – from an American’s perspective. A blog that focuses on small wars and insurgencies in addition to regional issues in the Middle East. Defense Tech examines the intersection of technology and defense from every angle and provides analysis on what’s ahead. A specialized intelligence blog written by experts. Intelli-Briefs bring you Intelligence briefs on Geopolitics , Security and Intelligence from around the world. A new way to understand China. Syria Comment – Syrian politics, history and religion. Dahr Jamail’s Mideast Dispatches War in Context - a blog paying “attention to the unseen.” Blog on Middle Eastern and American politics.

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