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The KCL DiploSoc is dedicated to an integrated exploration of the diplomacy field in all its dimensions (historical, theoretical, practical, as a career) and forms (from environmental and public to cultural and nuclear diplomacy), placing a particular emphasis on contemporary foreign policy developments.

Given the wide variety of global issues approached by 21st century diplomacy, students from all areas (be it medicine, science, law or the humanities) can have a great future in this prestigious field. Discover more about it with the Diplomacy Society!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

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The Diplomacy Society runs its own academic and social events, but also informs you on other relevant events taking place around London.

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Global Diplomacy Monitor

DiploSoc's flagship service.
Stay up to date with the latest foreign policy developments around the world!

We regularly monitor a wide range of publications, expert commentary and analysis blogs, news outlets and key op-eds, and we compress it all in a simple brief with lots of links for further reading.

We'll also be publishing DiploSoc members' views on foreign policy topics, as a first step towards our very own magazine coming next spring.

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